Press Release Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland 6. Juni – 6. August 2017 – Osnabrück







Opening: 6th June, 6 pm, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Hasemauer 1
40 Artists, 4 venues, 17 countries in dialogue over the theme “Homeland”.
Originally conceived as a parallel event to the 5th Çanakkale Biennial, the city of
Osnabrück invites to the two-monthly “Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland”.
The groupshow, curated by Christian Oxenius in cooperation with CABININ –
Çanakkale Biennale Initiative. Four contemporary art institutions will come
together on the 6th of June for the common opening of the exhibition: Kunsthalle
Osnabrück, the Museumsquartier (Felix-Nussbaum-Haus/ Kulturgeschichtliches
Museum), the Bund Bildender Künstler Osnabrück (BBK) and the Gesellschaft
für zeitgenössische Kunst e.V.
The opening of Çanakkale Art Walk 2017: Homeland will be held officially on
June 6th at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Hasemauer 1, at 6 pm from which guests
will be guided to the other venues.
Osnabrück and the Turkish city of Çanakkale have developed a lasting
partnership since 2004. In 2015 for the first time part of the 4th Çanakkale
Biennale was shown in Germany, invited by the BBK Osnabrück in an initiative of
Jens Raddatz with the title “Çanakkale Art Walk: Fragments”. In the Summer of
2016 the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, BBK Osnabrück and the Gesellschaft für
Zeitgenössische Kunst Osnabrück jointly decided to expand this experience
further and collaborate with a wider network of artists. With this motivation
curator Christian Oxenius, in close relation to the team in Çanakkale, was
selected to lead the project. The planning of which however was disrupted by the
political situation in Turkey: three weeks before opening of the 5th Çanakkale
Biennial, also titled “Homeland”, the curator Beral Madra stepped down and
simultaneously CABININ announced the cancellation of the whole biennial
originally planned to be opened on September 24th 2016.
The organisers of the Çanakkale Biennial together with their colleagues in
Osnabrück and the selected artists of the Çanakkale Art Walk 2017 jointly took
the decision that the exhibition in Osnabrück was going to take place regardless.
The concept of Homeland, declined largely on the idea of movement and
migration however was not going to be transported one to one to Osnabrück.
Rather, the concept should be expanded to become a comment on the general
political situation at an international level.
Homeland – An exhibition over four venues
The exhibition “Homeland”, opening on June 6th, is the result of a complex web
of dialogues knitted over the past months: “In a climate in which “homeland” is
increasingly a term captive of politics filled with hate, anguish and fear it was my
intention to reclaim this term” declares Christian Oxenius. The layout of the
exhibition over four venues allows for the reflection of specific narratives in
relation to the theme “Homeland” without these becoming imposing on the
individual works of art. While in the Kunsthalle themes such as borders,
migrations and exile are approached, in the Kunstquartier-BBK among others
cultural identity, assimilation and stereotypes are put into question. The Villa
Schlikker, in the Museumsquartier Osnabrück, instead, becomes a space of
rituals, domesticity and their resulting conflicts. The artists list reflects the
complexity, multifaceted approach and international significance of the theme.
Artists List
Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (TR), Halil Altindere (TR), Zehra Arslan (DE / TR / IL),
Jakob and Manila Bartnik (PH/PL), Cana Bilir-Meier (AUT / TR), Burçak Bingöl
(TR), Hera Büyüktasçiyan (TR), Aissa Deebi, (PA), Ahmet Elhan (TR), Köken Ergun
(TR), Petra Fiebig (DE), Jeanno Gaussi (AFN / DE), Jakob Gautel (DE), Aikaterini
Gegisian (GR), Ghazel (IRN / FR), JR (FR), Jun-Ichiro Ishii (JP), Pravdoliub Ivanov
(BG), Birgit Johnsen and Hanne Nielsen (DK), Ahmet Kavas (TR), Katerina
Kuznetcowa (RU) und Alexander Edisherov (GEO), Reysi Kamhi (TR/IL) Stefan
Tchernboc (DE), Kalliopi Lemos (GR), Ali Mirhabi (TR), Boris Mikhailov (UA),
Eleni Mylonas (GR / USA), Felix Nussbaum (DE), Maria Otte (DE), Julie Roch-
Cuerrier (CA), Margit Rusert und Christine Vennemann (DE), Hiltrud Schäfer
(DE), Joanna Schulte (DE), Soheila Sokhanvari (IRN / UK), Veit Stratmann (FR /
DE), Panos Tsagaris (GR), Stefanos Tsivopoulos (GR), Viron Erol Vert (DE / TR),
Roberto Voorbij (NL).
The exhibition concept – A brief statement by Christian Oxenius
I connect the concept of Homeland with the warmth of a known language. The
feeling of slowly rolling into a known city with a train at the end of a long
journey. The sight of a familiar mountain, tree or person. However Homeland is
not only a concept nested within the realm of memories. We produce and
reproduce homeland(s) wherever we go. It is, in this, a trace of our own
thoughts, of ourselves. Those elements that remind us of home are not external
to us, nor are they immutable. We create territories around us, these are systems
of control of forces we deem irrational. And yet we are ruled by the same
irrationality, we are always part of a homeland and part of the “other”. By
understanding and accepting this duality we accept the mirroring effect brought
about by the term “homeland”. In the same way the works presented in
Homeland allow us to recall memories as well as develop our own thoughts,
expand new territories in which we can mirror our own ideas, thoughts, fears
and worries. The works presented in the exhibition are a mapping of this term, a
construction of the unconscious that follows and accepts different views, concepts
and understandings of the term, set against a wider set of myths and discourses
that have determined “Homeland” as a key element of nation and nation-states
within a logic of enlightenment. The exhibition thus represents a space and time
to reflect on the inadequacy and flaws of the concept as much as it does reflect
each individual sensitivity towards it.